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We focus on productivity solutions for individuals and businesses, along with developing custom, cutting edge productivity software for Consumers and Prosumers in Computer Vision, Data Mining & Analysis and Web Development.

"This [Citrus] is literally the only way I get anything done. Thank You."
-Ravi Singh

Our Products


Citrus allows you to decide how much time you want to spend on performing productive work. It aids by removing distractions while you are getting your work done.


CVStudio allows you to create Haar Cascade training data for OpenCV, so you're not wasting time manually creating thousands of training data.


DataTransformer transforms tabulated data you have to any output, based on provided transform.

[Citrus is ... ] really awesome, helps to be stop procrastinating on other sites when I still need to use the internet. Thanks so much!
- Vanessa R.

Our Team